Suzuki Shintaro Tokyo empty (Sukiyabashi vicinity) 1931 Sogo Museum of Art.jpg

“Sky in Tokyo (Near Sukiyabashi)” 《東京の空 (数寄屋橋附近)》 (1931), by Suzuki Shintaro 鈴木信太郎 (1895-1989). One of the first artworks that portray advertising balloons. In this work, the ad balloons loom prominently, almost menacingly, over a city painted in subdued colors (source: PDF).

See more at: Ad Balloons on the Ginza: Float, Young Advertisers! (1890-1989)

Visible in the middle of the picture, on the left bank of the canal, is Taimei Elementary School 中央区立泰明小学校, which operates in the same building today, though the canal has since been filled in. See: Canals of the Ginza: floating through time on Tokyo’s central waterways

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