The darkest road in Yokohama: tunnel of trees 木の横浜のトンネル

the tokyo files archives 東京ファイル

My visits to Yokohama always seem to be the same: start at Sakuragicho station, walk along the waterfront, passing the red brick warehouse, the cruise ship terminal, through Yamashita park, and then on to Motomachi. If we still have energy, we go up the hill into Yamate. And invariably, we walk through Chinatown on the way home, preferably at night, when the place really comes alive.

These visits are often the same because I’m bringing visitors from the States, and I know they’ll like it. But as a result, I know next to nothing about the rest of Yokohama.

Recently, while searching for Sou Fujimoto’s House OM, I noticed a very unusual street. From aerial photographs, the street appears to be nothing but an uninterrupted stretch of trees. But the driving directions insist that this is a road:

Fortunately, the spies at Google drive their Streetview-mobile through this stretch of…

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