Seibu Tokyo Hiking Maps ハイキングマップ埼玉県の秩父

As a way to promote ridership, the Seibu rail company has produced detailed topographical hiking maps for the Chichibu area of Saitama Prefecture:

For the non-Japanese readers, I’ve posted links to all of the maps.  Each map in the table below is numbered, which corresponds to the following Google map (click to open).

The closest hikes are just 45 minutes from Ikebukuro Station.  For example, see a review of Map 9, Tokyo hiking: Murayama Mountain 丸山 , Ashigakubo Station 芦ヶ久保駅.

Here’s a brief taste:

1 – 棒の嶺 Mine of the stick (PDF)

2 – 巾着田 Kinchakuda (PDF)

3 – 日和田山 Hiwada mountain (PDF)

4 – 鎌北湖 Kamakitako Lake (PDF)

5 – 顔振峠 Koburitoge (PDF)

6 – 高山不動尊 Fudoson alpine (PDF)

7 – 多峯主山 Mine main mountain (PDF)

8 – 伊豆ヶ岳 Izugatake (PDF)

  • Shomaru Station 正丸駅
  • Agano Station 吾野駅

9  –  丸山  Maruyama (PDF)

  • Ashigakubo Station 芦ヶ久保駅

10  –  横瀬の里  Village of Yokoze (PDF)

11  –  武甲山  Bukozan (PDF)

12  –  琴平丘陵  Kotohira hill (PDF)

13  –  美の山  Mountain of beauty (PDF)

  • Wadokuroya Station 和銅黒谷駅
  • Minano Station 皆野駅
  • Oyahana Station 親鼻駅

14  –  宝登山 Hodosan (PDF)

  • Nagatoro Station 長瀞駅
  • Nogami Station 樋口駅
  • Hagure Station 波久礼駅

15  –  三峰山  Mitsumine-san (PDF)

  • Mitsumine Shrine 三峯神社
  • Mitsumineguchi Station 三峰口駅

16  –  秩父御岳山 Ontake Chichibu (PDF)

17  –  御岳山  Ontake / Okutama / Mt. Mitake (PDF); See also “A drop of golden Sundays – love and loss in a Tokyo summer“: “There was certainly enough heat that Sunday in July when I climbed Mt. Mitake with Mr. Tanaka, a 70-year old retired charcoal salesman I’d met two months earlier…”

  • Okutama Station 奥多摩駅
  • Mitake Tozan Ropeway 御岳登山鉄道
  • Mitake Station 御嶽駅
  • Ikusabata Station 軍畑駅
  • Hinatawada Station 日向和田駅

See also:


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