Gallery Le Deco ギャラリー・ルデコ

The basic info:

Gallery Le Deco ギャラリー・ルデコ

ギャラリー・ルデコ (Click here for google map)
3丁目-16−3 Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan

Not far from Shibuya crossing.  The google map directions are accurate, as are the directions on the gallery’s website.

Visited on: December 11, 2011

Description:  Six floor of gallery space, a separate artist or exhibit on each floor.  I visited 3 exhibits, all of which were very welcoming and the art was quite diverse both in its style, skill, and subject matter.  The highlight for me was the work of the following artists:

  • 齋藤弘光 [Hiromitsu Saito]
  • 山下由介  [strider] / [Yasuke Yamashita]
  • 伊藤秀司  [Hideshi Ito]
  • 服部桜子 [Hattori Sakurako]
  • 橋本晶子[Akiko Hashimoto]

One of the artists had a very appealing style I call fast food realism, which consists of lovingly detailed paintings of McDonald’s wrappers, overflowing refrigerators, and piles of discarded packaging.

A few of the works:


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