Tokyo hiking 東京ハイキング

Hiking in and around Tokyo, Japan, is a lot easier than you might think. Mention hiking in Tokyo and many people will immediately think of Mt. Takao, which is incredibly popular, as it receives 2.6 million annual visitors. For this reason, I’ve been just once (it is nice).

Seibu Line Hikes:

To me, the nicest and most convenient hikes reachable from central Tokyo are the many hikes along the Seibu train line running west from Ikebukuro station. I’ve done 4 hikes along this train line and they have all been quite good. See below for details.


See also my review of one of the Seibu hikes:


Tobu Line Hikes:

There are also some interesting hiking maps published by Tobu Railway. I have to admit that I haven’t done any of the following hikes, and some of them seem to include significant portions in towns (as opposed to the woods), but the ones further north towards Nikko look interesting, and they are mostly all easy day trips from Tokyo:

Tobu hiking map

External links:

Other resources for hiking in Tokyo and Japan that I’ve come across.


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