Chewing on Tokyo’s bamboo forests 東京の竹林 (Tokyo’s bamboo groves)

First, a reminder of how bamboo can capture the imagination. Here’s a work by Tsuchida Bakusen 土田麦僊, from the Kodansha Noma Memorial Museum 講談社野間記念館 in Bunkyo-ku (next to Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo ホテル椿山荘東京).

Second, everyone loves the bamboo forest in Arashiyama, Kyoto, right? I can see why; it’s very beautiful when it’s not crowded. But you live in Tokyo, yeah? And you want to see some bamboo in Tokyo, right?!!

Question: Are there any bamboo forests 竹林 in Tokyo?

Answer: Yes, though some of these “forests” are really just bamboo groves or bamboo gardens. Let’s take a look:

(1) Chikurin Park 竹林公園 (map; Streetview)

This park’s name is literally “bamboo forest park”, so it’s a good place to start. It’s located near Higashi-Kurume station 東久留米駅 on the Seibu Ikebukuro line.

(2) Suzume-no Oyado Ryokuchi Park 雀の御宿公園 (map)

A decently large bamboo grove in Himonya, Meguro-ku 目黒区碑文谷, the nearest subway station is Toritsudaigaku Stattion 都立大学駅 on the Tokyo Toyoko line.

(3) Towa Ryokuchi Park 藤和緑地 (map

A 80-meter path that borders a nice stretch of the Kandagawa river.

(4) Unnamed bamboo grove in Mitaka (map; Streetview)

This grove is adjacent to a small farm that bordering the Tamagawa-josui canal and path.

(5) Higashi-terakatabashi Ryokuchi Park 多摩東寺方緑地保全地域 (mapStreetview)

This is probably the most “wild” of the bamboo groves on this list. Photo per the following post, (link), which includes more information and pictures:

(6) Jidayubori Park 次大夫堀公園 (map)

This park is home to restored historic buildings that recreate a farming estate in the Edo and Meiji periods (see Japanese Wikipedia page). The photo below is from the Setagaya-ku webpage, though I don’t know the exact location of the bamboo grove.

At the eastern edge of the park another bamboo grove, which can be viewed from here: (map).

(7) Shokoin Temple Bamboo Grove in Miyanosaka 勝光院 (map)

The bamboo grove, next to a temple, is tucked away in a particularly quiet part of Setagaya-ku 世田谷区. You can visit this temple by taking the Tokyu Setagaya Line 東急世田谷線 streetcar.

(8) Wonderful, unnamed group of bamboo groves in Chofu, Tokyo (map)

There are three groves in Chufu, near Chitose-karasuyama station. I don’t know if the groves have a name, but the largest is quite impressive, though I believe it’s private property.

(9) Roka Koshun-en garden park 蘆花恒春園 (map)

Excellent and fairly large bamboo grove in a park setting with a well-marked path.

(10) Bamboo seen from Yoyogi park – on Meiji-jingu side of the fence (map)

Despite having been to Meiji shrine many times, I was surprised to be told it has a bamboo grove. I can’t find much information about where the bamboo is located, but I did find some bamboo located on the grounds of Meiji shrine, just over the fence from Yoyogi park.

See also the following blogs for pics: (Blog 1); (Blog 2)

(11) Hokokuji Temple 報国寺 (map)

In Kamakura, this temple’s bamboo grove is popular with tourists.

(12) Baisouin Temple, Aoyama 長青山 梅窓院 (map)

The most centrally-located of Tokyo’s bamboo forests, Baisoin Temple 長青山 梅窓院 is just steps away from Gaiemmae Station 外苑前駅 (exit 1b). Right next to a busy road is a narrow entrance path lined with bamboo trees.


(Extra) Eating bamboo

I titled this post “Chewing on Tokyo’s bamboo forests”, so in the interest of accuracy, here are two picture of the pandas in Ueno Park Zoo eating bamboo. They really act like pigs when it’s meal time.



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