Tobu line hiking‏ (north of Tokyo) ハイキングマップ東武線沿線 自然ハイキング

I haven’t used these yet, but this website and maps from the the Tobu Railway company look pretty good. Now that the warm spring weather is here, I plan on trying one of these hikes this season.  In the attached google map, the hikes listed in this post have red flags. The hikes appear to be concentrated in Gunma 群馬県 and Tochiki prefectures 栃木県. That may sound far, but about half of the hikes are an easy-ish day trip from Tokyo.

Hiking maps

Clicking on the links listed below will take you to the Tobu site. On each page, click on the brown bar with “PDF” in the middle (see example to right). This will bring you to a PDF map of each course.  The complete list is also here, and corresponds to the red flags on the map above. See:

Train directions

For directions to each hike, use the google map above, find the hiking course, and use the google map directions function. Some of these hikes are less than 2 hours from Tokyo, and less than 1000 yen each way.

List of Tobu line nature hikes, with links 東武線沿線 自然ハイキング(コース一覧) :

(Broken links as of March 2023)

Happy hiking!

P.S. The other colored-dots on the map:

  • Purple: Town walking courses  タウンウォーキング(コース一覧)
  • Green: Hiking in Chichibu  東上線沿線 外秩父ハイキング(コース一覧) (broken link: tobu co jp/playing/hiking/sotochichibu)

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