Kiyosumi Gallery Complex 清澄ギャラリーコンプレックス

UPDATE: The Kiyosumi Gallery Complex was demolished in July, 2015. Here’s a map of the galleries that used to be in the Kiyosumi gallery complex:


  • hiromiyoshii roppongi (map) 東京都港区六本木5-9-20 / Tel: 03-5772-5233
  • hiromiyoshii tokyo (Koto-ku) (map) 東京都江東区東雲2-9-13 / Tel: 03-3520-2117

Taka Ishii Gallery:

  • Taka Ishii Gallery タカ・イシイギャラリー (map) 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-10-11 (B1) / tel: 03 6434 7010
  • Taka Ishii Gallery Photography / Film (TIGP) タカ・イシイギャラリー フォトグラフィー/フィルム (map) 東京都港区六本木5-17-1 AXISビル (2F) / tel: 03 5575 5004

KIDO Press [キドプレス]: (map) 東京都千代田区外神田6-11-14 /  +(81)35817-8988


  • AI KOWADA GALLERY office (map) 渋谷区神泉町5-2,塩入小路1F / Tel 03-5459-6433
  • AI KOWADA GALLERY hanare (map) 東京都渋谷区神泉町3-5,T.T 渋谷1F

Tomio Koyama Gallery:

  • TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY 小山登美夫ギャラリー (map) 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-10-11 / TEL 03-6434-7225
  • 8/ART GALLERY/TOMIO KOYAMA GALLERY (map)  東京都渋谷区渋谷2-21-1 渋谷ヒカリエ 8F / TEL 03-6434-1493
  • Tomio Koyama Gallery Inc., Office 小山登美夫ギャラリー株式会社 オフィス (map) 東京都港区海岸3-8-3-2F / TEL 03-6459-4030

Miyake Fine Art (map): 東京都港区海岸3-8-7-3F / Telephone : +81-(0)3-5789-4674 (same location as ShugoArts)

SHUGOARTS シュウゴアーツ:

  • ShugoArts Weekend Gallery ウィークエンドギャラリー (map) 東京都世田谷区池尻2-7-12, B1F / Tel: 03-6453-8296
  • ShugoArts Office / Warehouse オフィス兼倉庫 (map) 東京都港区海岸 3-8-3, 3階 / Tel: 03-6453-8296 (Same location as Miyake Fine Art)

SPROUT Curation: exhibits held in various locations; see website for information.

Thank you to Mio Yamada @jt_mio for breaking the sad news. According to gallery owner, Tomio Koyama (article), the warehouse is being torn down and will be replaced with condos.



This complex comprises several galleries located on the upper floors of a large warehouse on the east side of the Sumidagawa (river), close to the handsome Kiyosu-bashi 清洲橋 (bridge). (Also known as “Contemporary Art Gallery Complex”)

Hello, I’m the (former) entrance to the galleries!

Galleries include:

I had a heck of a time finding the location for two reasons:

  1. The warehouse has at least three entrances, only one of which leads to the galleries.
  2. The western corner of the warehouse displayed a sign in Japanese and English saying “There are no galleries in this warehouse.”

If that isn’t enough to dissuade visitors, I don’t know what is. I twice passed an older man staring intently at a google map before I mustered the courage to ask in pidgin Japanese if he was looking for the art galleries, and together we found the entrance.

Here’s how to locate the galleries:

  1. Exact google map location is here –> Kiyosumi Gallery Complex [清澄ギャラリーコンプレックス]
  2. The gallery entrance is on the southeast corner of the warehouse. Just to the east of the enrtrance is a gas pump for the warehouse, and then a Time Parking lot.
  3. When you locate the entrance, you will walk up a few steps into a small lobby; you can then climb the stairs or follow the signs for the elevator.
  4. The galleries are on the 5th and 6th floors.


At Miyake Fine Art:  Union Jack Ant Farm by Yukinori Yanagi [柳 幸典]

Along with Ant Farm I leafed through the publication INUJIMA NOTE and was overwhelmed with the desire to visit the Inujima Art Project. This is an artist I can get behind – bold, experiential visions, respectful of history, and aware of the interaction between people and the environment (both built and natural). If I don’t learn more about this artist in 2012, shame on me.

At KIDO Press:  Yusuke Tsuchiya [土屋 裕介] – The terra cotta sculptures by this 26-yr old artist are unsettling and enchanting. Reminiscent of Tim Burton in the way the works inhabit a separate world where magic and wonder abound. These aesthetic is more realistic and human than Burton’s, but shares a similar sense of loneliness and mutant isolation.



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