Aokigahara Jukai – The Sea of Trees (Suicide Forest map)

Can’t wait to visit…was talking with my co-workers about this haunted forest.

Update: my friends and I did visit Aokigahara Jukai 青木ヶ原 (Aokigahara woods / “sea of trees”), aka the “suicide forest”. I’ve been meaning to post about this experience for a while, but in the meantime, here is a few picture of Mt. Fuji that I took that day:

And here’s a map:



See more:

Punynari's Island Adventures

Aokigahara Jukai is a dense dark forest at the base of Mount Fuji that was formed over volcanic rock from when Fuji-san last errupted. One of the reasons why Aokigahara Jukai is visited is that it is the site of popular tourist attractions like the Ice and Wind cave which are just two of the many lava formed caves in the area. The other reason is much darker. Aokigahara Jukai is also known as the “Death Forest”, “Suicide Forest”, and as the Kuroi Jukai – the Black Sea of Trees. Please enjoy the scariest (and most disturbing) Japan photo walk I have been on to date.
Aokigahara Path

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