Where to see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo’s streets 東京から富士山が見える場所

Intro: On my first visit to Japan, I assumed I would see Mt. Fuji from Tokyo. It is an enormous mountain, after all, a mere 100 km from the city. I was unsuccessful, of course. Any Tokyo resident can tell you that Mt. Fuji sightings are relatively rare unless you live or work in a tall building in the right location. Seeing Mt. Fuji from the ground is rare in Tokyo. When it happens, it gives me a jolt of excitement, like seeing s shooting star. It is a surprise and joy.

The following is a list of various places in Tokyo where you can see Mt. Fuji from the ground (except for #8).

1. Hatagaya station area, train corridor and footbridge (map)

Just west of Hatagaya Station 幡ヶ谷駅, the Keio New Line 京王新線 emerges from underground and moves southwest, directly facing Mt. Fuji. I learned this when walking there at sunset. You can see Fuji from the road that parallels the train tracks, but for a slightly better view you can climb the pedestrian bridge that crosses the tracks.

2. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) – Ookayama Station (map)

The Tokyo Institute of Technology 東京工業大学 has a campus just south of Ookayama Station 大岡山駅. Take a short walk south and you will find a bridge used primarily by students of the university. Beneath you, the Meguro Line and Tokyu Oimachi Lines emerge from underground, leaving a clear path without buildings as you look southwest towards Mt. Fuji. In the picture below, Mt. Fuji can be seen in the gap to the left of the large triangular building. Trust me.

3. Ikegami Kaikan 池上会館 / Ikegami Honmon-ji 池上本門寺 (map)

Ikegami Kaikan 池上会館 is a public meeting hall / community center for Tokyo’s Ota-ku 大田区 ward. The roof of the building has a viewing spot that has a beautiful view of Yokohama’s skyline and Mt. Fuji. Although the roof of a building, I am including this in the list because the roof is continguous with the grounds of Ikegami Honmon-ji, a sprwaling temple complex built on a steep hill. It is likely that Mt. Fuji is viewable from other spots on the hill, but the roof of the community center is the easiest to access. You can see Fuji in the photo below, just to the right of center. Don’t blame my feeble camera…it is much more impressive in person.

4. Futako tamagawa 二子玉川 (map)

Hyogojima Park and Tamagawafutagobashi Park, on the banks of the Tamagawa River, are a short walk from Futakotamagawa Station. Mt. Fuji can be seen, particularly at sunset, looking southwest across the river towards Kawasaki.

5. Nogawa river, near Chofu Airport (map)

From the banks of the Nogawa River, looking towards Chofu Airport, I got a surprise glimpse of Mt. Fuji at dusk. I’m sure there are other spots in this area, as the airport is built on flat ground with few tall buildings nearby.

A glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the Nogawa River, near Chofu Airport

6. Monorail to Haneda Airport (map)

I’m including this because 1) using a train/subway/monorail in Tokyo is as common as walking, and 2) this view is just as unexpected as seeing Mt. Fuji when on foot. The following photo is actually from Haneda Airport, but the view from the monorail is similar. If I remember correctly, Mt. Fuji is visible towards the southern end of the route from Hamamatsucho Station to Haneda Airport.

7. Inamuragasaki (Kamakura & Enoshima area) (map)

This isn’t Tokyo, but a visit to Tokyo often includes a trip to the Kamakura/Enoshima area. Near Cape Inamuragasaki 稲村ケ崎 is a spot where you can see Enoshima island and Mt. Fuji. Be warned, I’ve been there on three occasions, and have only seen Mt. Fuji once, due to cloudy skies.

8. (NO LONGER VISIBLE) Fujimi slope (Fujimizaka) 富士見坂 (map) 日暮里富士見坂(花見坂・妙隆寺坂)

This is a eulogy, and the last entry of this post. Fujimizaka (Fuji view slope) was a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji from the stately Yanaka neighborhood of Tokyo. This used to be known as “a hill with a view of Mount Fuji even now” 「現在でも富士山の見える坂」. This glorious view was obscured recently by a new apartment building, sometime after 2012. This was met with a fair amount of unsuccessful opposition.

Here’s a comparison from 2013 to 2016:

And here’s the build that we see today instead of Mt. Fuji:

See the blog, 今日も日暮里富士見坂 / Nippori Fujimizaka day by day, 「見えないと、もっと見たい!」日暮里富士見坂を語り継ぐ、眺望再生プロジェクト / Gone but not forgotten: Project to restore the view at Nippori Fujimizaka.

9. Wakasu park 若洲公園 in Koto-ku (map)

I haven’t been, but there are some spectacular photos of Fuji and Gate Bridge in the following blog:  Mt. Fuji view from Tokyo : Wakasu Koen (Park) in Koto Ward (experiencetokyo.net)



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