gallery Planned community: Mejiro Cultural Village 目白文化村 (1922)

A brief history of Mejiro Cultural Village, an early 20th-century collection of Western-style houses not too far from the Yamanote line’s Mejiro station.

the tokyo files: urban design 東京の都市デザイン

Mejiro Cultural Village 目白文化村 めじろぶんかむら was a luxury residential area (高級住宅街) said to be modeled after Beverly Hills (source). I will provide some of the general details, but if you are interested in the details of this development, I suggest you refer to the following website, which is quite comprehensive:

Where: Mejiro Cultural Village is located in Shinjuku ward, west of Mejiro Station (of the JR Yamanote line), and north of Nakai and Shimo-Ochiai stations (of the Seibu-Shinjuku Line).

When: The village was built in the 1920s; many of the houses were destroyed during World War II. Constructions occurred in the following stages:

  • 1922: 第一文化村 First cultural village (目白不動園 Mejiro Fudo Garden)
  • 1923: 第二文化村 Second cultural village
  • 1924: 第三文化村 Third cultural village
  • 1925: 第四文化村 Fourth cultural village
  • 1929: 第五文化村 Fifth cultural village


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