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Christmas in Tokyo 東京のクリスマス

Updated November 22, 2013

FamilyMart AKB48 poster 2

The wreaths that once adorned the windows of my elementary school inevitably became victims of political correctness – the complaints of a lone parent were enough to banish the offending rings of evergreen branches. I am still angry about this. I’ve always maintained that wreaths, lights, and Christmas trees are far less symbols of Christianity than they are a celebration of winter, as befits their pagan origins.

So it comes as no small joy to spend December in Tokyo, where the loud and proud display of Christmas decorations proves that you can have Christmas without Christianity.

Japanese politician santa clauss

Ginza rabbit christmas hat


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2 thoughts on “Christmas in Tokyo 東京のクリスマス

  1. It is just funny how Japan decorate their stores and establishments with Christmas themes, yet 12/25 is not a holiday, but a regular work day.

    Posted by Duc | December 16, 2012, 3:11 am


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