Tokyo – November in 30 pictures

Punk Kabuki rockers, window washers in the morning sun (times two), and Tokyo after dark…here are 30 of my favorite images from November.

Set 1: Scenes from the hilly outskirts of Kawasaki, in Kanagawa: a cluster of excellent parks and museums, including Ikuta Ryokuchi Park 生田緑地, the Japan Open-Air Folk House Museum 川崎市立日本民家園, and the Taro Okamoto Museum of Art.

Afterwards, walking aimlessly at night.

Set 2: Sunrise over Tokyo Bay; windows washers attend to the gleaming Dentsu Building in Shiodome; window washers also attend to the New Shimbashi Building ニュー新橋ビル. An art exposition at Tokyo Big Sight; retro scenes in and around Koenji. And dusky scenes of the Tamagawa River and Mt. Fuji near Futako-Tamagawa.

Set 3: Near Ueno Park, Shinobazu Pond 不忍池 and a koban police box; yabusame (horseback archery) on Zushi beach. A visit to Saitama-shintoshin station and the Saitama Sky Forest. Back to Kanagawa to watch American football in Yokohama. And finally, some night scenes of Tokyo, in Ikebukuro, Hibiya Park, and Ginza.

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