Beer delivery, happy family ビールの配達、幸せな家族

The junk mail I receive mostly advertises products and services in which I have no interest: pizza delivery, massages, apartment listings, hanko 判子 seals…

Luckily I paused before tossing out a flyer for, a service that delivers beer and alcohol to your home. My favorite part of the above illustration is that the entire family is visibly thrilled at the beer’s arrival…the young brother and sister are happy, even the newborn baby is excited for some Kirin.

(Editors note: I’m not getting paid by this company…but I won’t object if they start sending me free beer.)

Beer delivery case studies

For the 3 regular readers of my blog, you know how much I love Japanese signage and instruction manuals, and this is no exception. The website for Kakuyasu カクヤス even includes a scene index that provides 4 scenarios or “case studies” in which beer delivery would be a good idea.

In my case, I don’t need a case study to tell me when to buy beer, but it’s nice to know where to go in case I forget!

The company’s full name is 株式会社カクヤス Kabushikikaisha Kakuyasu, where Kabushiki Kaisha 株式会社 basically means “company”, and is often abbreviated as “KK” (Wikipedia). The other part of the name is カクヤス = Kakuyasu, which is the katakana writing of the word for “cheap” or “inexpensive” (weblio). In kanji, “cheap” is 格安, which is pronounced the same (weblio).

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