The Pungency パンジェンシー

Pungency 1

What’s The Pungency? That’s the question I asked myself when spotting this oddly-named drink from Kirin, the Japanese beverage giant.

The Pungency

My curiosity led me to the (now defunct) Pungency website, pungency jp, which yields more questions than answers…literally. The homepage asks in bold letters, “What’s Pungency?”.  If Kirin doesn’t know, what hope do I have?

Pungency 6

I get the impression that marketing in Japan goes something like this…spend all day thinking of the most ridiculous advertising campaign, and then execute the campaign with a completely straight face. For example, the Pungency Project is a delightful mix of Japanese manga, social science, and community newsletter.

Pungency 7

“Bow force Hoshijima – 

In addition to the former athlete, specialist in sales field. And has been issued from the body of the slender bow coupled with the “Voice Hoshijima” hard to believe, suddenly feel that civility is it so refreshing gust of wind blowing the mind of the beholder.” [google translate]

Perhaps the most effective part of the website is the description of a taste-test held at a supermarket in Saitama. Because of privacy, I assume, the shoppers in the photographs have been replaced with cartoons, which is a technique I’m surprised I haven’t seen more often. The shoppers’ reactions are amusing, although this may owe largely to google translate’s ability to turn even an algebra text into comedy, such as:

Pungency 3


“He gave a muttered close your eyes and dandy men, and “delicious” flavor as rolling on the tongue incredible photos. I’m glad something, Oh! Fun!

Have I tasted The Pungency? No. I’d rather live with the belief that The Pungency is a magical drink commensurate with is strange and thrilling English title. In reality it is probably just a slightly less-sweet version of milk tea. For journalistic reasons I know I should drink it…but the child inside needs to believe in magic.

Pungency 4

I want to believe in The Pungency.

This guy gets excited about The Pungency:

Pungency 5

The Pungency 2

See also other odd marketing idea in Japan:



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