Kawaguchi at dusk 埼玉県 川口市 夕暮れ

A cold, rainy Sunday, on the heels of a cold, rainy Saturday…more like January or February than late April. Hard to shake the feeling this is a lost weekend. Late afternoon, the rain recedes, and a trace of sun dots the horizon. A chill is still in the air, but a brief dose of sun is enough to turn the mood around.

In order of appearance:

(1) Tonerikoen 舎人公園


(2) West of Tonerikoen, crossing Shin Shiba-gawa 新芝川:

Kawaguchi sunset

(3) Kawaguchi City, Saitama 埼玉県 川口市 夕暮れ (along the General prefectural road Adachi Saitama bicycle path line 一般県道足立さいたま自転車道線, map)


For more about Kawaguchi City, see my review of the film, Foundry Town / City of Cupolas / キューポラのある街 (1962):

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