1st Brazil Culture & Arts Congress in Japan

Japan and Brazil are polar opposites in many ways. Japan is a safe, prosperous mono-culture with little poverty to speak of. Brazil is a growing, multicultural nation struggling with crime and poverty. So it came as a surprise when I first learned that Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan, at 1.5 million…even more than in the United States.

Last year I had the pleasure of seeing Arturo Urena-Hamelitz perform with his Capoeira Arts Academy, which was my first taste of Brazilian culture in Japan. Now, Arturo is establishing the 1st Brazilian Culture & Arts Congress from September 14th to 15th, 2013, and is raising funds via crowd sourcing. As someone who enjoys learning about different cultures, I am excited to see Arturo pull this off, and I happily sent a few thousand yen his way. Take a look and consider visiting his fundraising page (インターネット募金 ページ).

Details from the fundraising page ( http://www.indiegogo.com/project/346104)


What I do and where I do it.
I’m a capoeira teacher. I’ve been teaching it in Tokyo, where I’ve lived for 14 years. I love it here. My students, the Japanese, the food; love it. But I don’t just teach capoeira. I spread Afro-Brazilian and Latin culture and dance through presentations (I received a Masters in Brazilian culture from Waseda University, Tokyo) and via collaborations with Brazilian artists living in Japan. Last year, my family, friends and students took part in the Asakusa Samba Carnival, Tokyo, one of the largest events of its kind in the world – 500,000 people attended! Trust me when I say, the Japanese just love Brazilian culture.

So what’s the challenge?
Japan is great. But they do things a little bit differently over here. Take non-profit organizations (NPOs); they hardly exist here. If they do, they don’t get a lot of help from the state (no tax breaks or grants) and ordinary people don’t really think about them too much either. But I ran my Capoeira Zoador Academy (Zoador) as an NPO. Through Zoador, I teach, I visit elementary schools and present classes on Afro-Brazilian music, dance and culture. Since the economic downturn of the last few years and the 3/11, 2011 Earthquake in Japan, however, NPOs like mine have had a rough time of it. Student numbers are down and cultural events are fewer. But I live in the Land of the Rising Sun, as Japan is called. And I live by my own motto: live, love, play capoeira! So hope is back in 2013, and Zoador is here to let it breath once again in Japan.

Here’s the Plan.
The 1st Brazilian Culture & Arts Congress (September 14th to 15th 2013).
Basically, we will invite 12 passionate Brazilian artists, including capoeira masters and dance legends, to Yokohama, a beautiful port city and one of the most international places in Japan, right next to Tokyo.

We’re already 50% into the planning: our guests have been contacted and they have agreed to come, some of them even offering to reduce their usual fees for us. A 1,800 person venue has been kindly donated to us – the Yokohama Country and Athletics Club (It’s amazing how asking politely can produce results).

What you can expect to see at the event?
There’s a whole schedule of amazing events we have planned. This is a very short list. Apart from capoeira workshops (of course) by leading mestres (master), we will have:

Carnival style samba dance, samba de Roda, Afro Brazilian Dance, Bossa Nova, and other forms of Brazilian Culture, Guitar, choro, Orchestra of Brazilian Music and creativity, Samba Show techniques, Guitar, Drums and Afro-Brazilian Rhythms, Vocals, Samba dance, Orixás dance, Percussion from Bahia, Cavaquinho, flute and saxophone…

Headlining Artists

Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro Master Percussionist (Awarded the NEA National Heritage Fellowship)
Thelma Ladeira Master Samba Dancer
Francis Silva Master Percussionist
Mestrando Anjo Master Dance and Capoeira
Luiz Claudio Talaia da Costa Master Percussionist
Mestre Efraim Master Percussionist and Capoeira
Carlinhos do Afro Master Dancer and Choreographer
Rosangela Silvestre Master Afro-Brazil Dance
Fininho Marimbondo Capoeira Angola
Gringo Dance and Capoeira
Master Luizinho Barravento Folckloric dance and Capoeira
Janderson Afro Master Percussionist and more to be confirmed.
And more to come…….

How can you help?
As you know, these wonderful events always come at cost. We’ve already saved money by securing a free venue and negotiating discounted fees with our guests. But we badly need funds to cover the costs of travel, room and board for our guests. Basically we need bring them here, and house and feed them. For that, we are trying to fundraise: US$17,200 include Indigogo fees

Let me break it down
Cost to get them here and daily expenses. Remember this is really cheap for
Japan (Tokyo-Yokohama Area).
Costs to Hotel, food, and get them around my wonderful city for 5 nights.
Business hotel (Cheap) ¥7,000 a night, back and forth from the airport, meals,
to event and back = ¥47,310 about US$512. per person. So multiplied by 12
artists US$6,144 for everybody. Flights are the other stickler, about ¥935,000 for
all of them! About US$10,136 to get them here and back to their loved ones….
Total: ¥1,502,720 or US$16,280 plus fees equals US$17,200.00

With your kind donation, however large or small, I’m sure we can reach our target.

Whether or not you contribute financially, we would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about our indiegogo campaign. Tell your friends about our campaign through facebook, twitter, any other way you can think of!

So to Recap
Event Title: 1st Brazil Culture & Arts Congress
Organizer: Capoeira Zoador Academy
Dates: Saturday September 14th and Sunday September 15th 2013 (Monday the 16th is a National Holiday in Japan so everyone can rest and go sightseeing)
Times: 10:00 – 20:00 Each Day
Location: Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, Yokohama, Japan

Let’s bring Brazilian-style hope back to Japan
Thank you, with love and passion for life, Sucuri, Nat-chan, Dede, Mathew, Mi-chan and the whole Zoador family and friends

Live, love, play capoeira

Indiegogo では、僕たちのように、自分のプロジェクトの資金集めをするページを誰でも作成するくとができる。動画でのPRを載せたり、Paypalアカウントを設定 したり、ドネーション(募金)額ごとの特典リストが作れるようになっている。ユーザーはFacebookやTwitterなんかのソーシャルメディアを 使って自分のプロジェクトをドンドン宣伝していく。Indigogoはそのキャンペーンが目標金額を達成すると4%、目標に到達しないと9%を手数料とし て差し引くシステムになっている。

What I do and where I do it.



昨 年、家族、友人、生徒たちと一緒に50万人が参加するビッグイベント、浅草サンバカーニバルに参加してきた。この種のイベントの中じゃ、世界レベルでみて も最大規模のイベントだろう。僕の言葉をみんな信じてほしい。それは、「日本人はブラジル文化が大好きなんだ」ってことさ。

So what’s the problem?

日 本は素晴らしい国だけど、この国のやり方は少し違うんだ。非営利活動(NPO)の話しだけどね、日本で僕みたいな外国人が、こういう活動を続けるのは思っ たほど簡単じゃない。国からの助成金枠もエライ狭いし、税控除だってほとんどしてもらえない。それに、NPO活動やボランティアに対する一般の人たちの意 識も、欧米に比べるとだいぶ低いと思うんだ。日本でもNPO活動は広まりつつあるけれど、ボランティアや市民社会活動を支援する仕組みがまだでき上がって いないのが現状なんだ。

だけど、僕はカポエイラ ゾアドール アカデミーをNPOスタイルで運営したいし、そうしてきた。ゾアドールを通じ、小学校、児童施設に行って、アフロ・ブラジルの音楽、ダンスや文化を紹介したりしている。


でも、ここは「日出ずる国」 JAPAN!ここが僕のいる場所だ。 僕は自分のモットーで生きている :LIVE,LOVE, PLAY CAPOEIRA!

Here’s the Plan.
ズバリ、 第一回 Brazilian Culture & Arts Congress を開催する。(開催日:2013年 9月14・15日)
Congress(コングレス)って「国会」とか「議会」とか日本では硬いイメージをもたれるようだけど、「一緒に進む」とか「出会う」っていう意味を含んでいる。「Brazilian Culture & Arts大会」みたいに思ってもらえたらいい。


実 は、もうこの一大イベントの50%くらいは計画済みなんだ。例えばアーティスト達とは、もうとっくに連絡を取りあっていて、彼らもこのイベントの開催と出 演に大賛成してくれている。何人かは、僕らのために通常のギャラを引き下げてでも出演してくれるって乗り気だよ。それに、1800人は入れる開催地がもう 決定しているんだ。親切にも、僕らのために会場をタダで提供してくれることになったんだ。知っている人も多いだろう。そう、横浜Country and Athletics Club。

What you can expect to see at the event?


Carnival style samba dance, samba de Roda, Afro Brazilian Dance, Bossa Nova, and other forms of Brazilian Culture, Guitar, choro, Orchestra of Brazilian Music and creativity, Samba Show techniques, Guitar, Drums and Afro-Brazilian Rhythms, Vocals, Samba dance, Orixás dance, Percussion from Bahia, Cavaquinho, flute and saxophone…

Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro:パーカッション マスター (Awarded the NEA National Heritage Fellowship)←大統領から授与される賞で、日本でいう人間国宝みたいな人ってことかな。
Thelma Ladeira:サンバダンス マスター
Francis Silva:パーカッション マスター
Mestrando Anjo:ダンス / カポエイラ マスター
Luiz Claudio Talaia da Costa パーカッション マスター
Mestre Efraim: パーカッション/ カポエイラ マスター
Carlinhos do Afro: ダンス/ 振付 マスター
Rosangela Silvestre: アフロブラジルダンス マスター
Fininho Marimbondo: カポエイラアンゴーラ
Gringo: ダンス / カポエイラ
Master Luizinho Barravento :フォークロリックダンス / カポエイラ
Janderson: アフロマスター/ パーカッション
・・・and more!!!

How can you help?




1 人当たり47,310円(≒US$512)。それが12名分で合計567,720円 (≒$6,144)。 ここでちょっとネックが航空券。彼らをみんな日本に連れてきて、最後はそれぞれの愛する国に帰ってもらうのに、全部でおよそ935,000円 (≒US$10,136)
合計1,502,720円(≒US$1 6,280) +Indiegogo 手数料等々


資金面で貢献してくれても、そうでなくても、このindiegogo のキャンペーンを周りに広めてくれたら、僕らは君に心から感謝したいと思う。

So to Recap

イベントタイトル: 1st Brazil Culture & Arts Congress
オーガナイザー: Capoeira Zoador Academy
日程: 2013年 9月14日(土)、15日(日)  翌日16日は祝日。出演アーティストにも休んでもらえるし、せっかく来たのだから、東京観光くらい連れて行ってあげたい。
時間: 10:00~20:00 (2日間)
会場: 横浜Country & Athletic Club

Let’s bring Brazilian-style hope back to Japan




Live, love, play capoeira!


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