Tokyo, spring is near 東京、春は もうすぐです

Walking along the Zenpukujigawa 善福寺川 this weird and windy Sunday, I was reminded just how close we are to spring. It was nice to see children and families taking advantage of the many parks that line this wonderful river in Suginami-ku 杉並区; in this picture, a group of boys takes turns on the rope swing, with eager blossoms in the foreground.

Blossom park rope swing

There was a considerable chill in the air, but the warm weather can’t be too far off.

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  1. Sure, you may have cherry blossoms that are the envy of the world, but you don’t have that spectacular feeling of the first warm afternoon after we set our clocks ahead by an hour: its 7pm and suddenly, its warm and sunny. To me, that day is always the first day of spring.

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