A small sample of sakura

Spring came late this year, and to make matters worse, both Saturdays of the hanami season were cloudy or rainy. Nevertheless, the cherry trees made a fine showing. In addition to popular spots like Yoyogi Park or Chidorigafuchi 千鳥ヶ淵, there are hundreds of places to enjoy the blooming cherry trees of Tokyo. Here are a few spots:

(1) Hamachogawa Ryokudo (Green Road) 浜町川緑道 (Ningyocho, Tokyo; map)

Just so much pink for one location, I’m assuming the bike was planted there…

(2) Suitengu temple 東京水天宮, next to Suitengu-Mae Station 水天宮前駅 (map)

(3) Koganei Park 小金井公園 in Kodaira (map)

See also:


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