Noborito picnic Tamagawa green bridge

Festive river scene on the southern (Kanagawa) bank of the Tamagawa River, near Noborito Station. In the background is the Tamasuido Bridge 多摩水道橋. The Tamagawa River is lined by miles of baseball fields, golf courses, and parkland that serves as a floodplain for occasional torrential rainfall. In addition to flood control, these wide, green spaces are easily accessible to the cramped residents of Tokyo, providing a backdrop for picnics, dating couples, and amateur musicians. For more about water infrastructure in Tokyo see Splashing around Tokyo’s water infrastructure and River embankments and floodplains 堤防と氾濫原

Close to here is the Nikaryousui Canal, Kawasaki 二ヶ領用水 / 二ヶ領本川, one of the most pleasant, interesting river walks in the greater Tokyo area.

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