1948 Tokyo Map rivers (1 – Hachiman-gu)

Detail from a 1945/1948 map of Tokyo – indicates the course of the old Tachiaigawa river 立会川. Most of the river has been buried underground and is now the “Tachiaigawa Green Road” 立会川緑道 in Meguro-ku. The shared auto and pedestrian path runs from Himonya Hachiman-gu 碑文谷八幡宮 shrine in the west to Yukimi-bashi in the east, then turns sharply to the southeast, crossing the old “Meguro Kamata Electric Railroad”. The current river exists only briefly, emerging from underground a few hundred meters inland from Tokyo Bay. See: Walking on water: the underground rivers of Tokyo 東京の地下河川や運河の地図

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