My favorite Tokyo places: old Manseibashi Station 万世橋駅遺構

The old Manseibashi station 万世橋駅 (map), now a mixed-use shopping / drinking / dining space known as mAAch Ecute マーチエキュート神田万世橋. Seen below, the brick Manseibashi Station building is at the left, facing the Kanda River. On the other side of the river is Akihabara.

There is a wonderful outdoor seating / walking area:

The station is named for the bridge of the same name, seen here:

The corridor separating the various retail spaces is a work of art:

The train-watching platform located on the difficult-to-locate second floor. Trains from the Chuo / Sobu line pass by on both sides of the platform; it’s quite a nice experience for even a moderate train aficionado.

Enjoying a beer at Hitachino Brewing Lab 常陸野ブルーイング・ラボ

A view of Akihabara from Manseibashi’s outdoor seating area:

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  1. […] The Akihabara neighborhood around JR Akihabara Station (also referred to as ‘Akiba’) is famous for being a mecca of manga, anime, and electronics. Being both a Luddite and not particularly interested in anime, etc., I rarely venture into Akihabara. The closest I like to get is the old Manseibashi Station, a jewel of a building that has been renovated and turned into a mixed-use shopping and dining facility named mAAch Ecute. […]

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