Tokyo then-and-now: Gotanda swimming pool (1957)

Came across this great photo (source) of children swimming in a pool in the hill north of Gotanda Station:

Here’s an aerial photo, circa 1945-50, showing the pool’s location:

The pool has long-since been filled-in and today serves as one of Tokyo’s many micro-parks. It is unimaginatively named Gotanda Park 五反田公園 (map).

To end this post let me share another great old pic from Gotanda (source). Taken in 1961, this photo shows fairly heavy automobile traffic along with a once-ubiquitous Toden 東京都電 streetcar, which is stopped at what I presume to be the Eki-mae stop (in front of Gotanda Station). See following post for a map of the old streetcar network: Tokyo streetcar maps 東京都電マップ.

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  1. Great work as always Mr. Parker. And glad to see that you’re posting again!
    Been re-reading Edward Seidensticker’s ‘A History of Tokyo’ these days. Best regards, Don

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