Shinjuku from the Takashimaya department store rooftop

Some wonderful views from the rooftop of the Takashimaya Shinjuku 新宿タカシマヤ department store (map).

(1) Looking west towards the Park Hyatt and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 東京都庁:

(2) Shinjuku-sanchome to the northeast:

(For views of one of these intersections from street-level, see: Shinjuku Koban / Police Box)

(3) Looking south towards the NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building NTTドコモ代々木ビル:

(4) And looking southeast towards Tokyo Tower:

On the way down from the roof I happened upon a mini violin concert; I made a short recording of ‘Amazing Grace’. The event was sponsored by Takashimaya Department store and was related to the story of Megumi Yokota 横田 めぐみ, who was kidnapped by North Korea in 1977.

See also:

For old photos from the rooftops of Shinjuku, see:



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