Map: ‘High Lines’ and Rail Trails of Tokyo

Paths and walking trails built on the site of former train tracks.

See also my article in Metropolis magazine, The “High Lines” of Tokyo: A guide to the city’s hidden railway park

the tokyo files: maps マッピング東京

I recently wrote an article for Metropolis Magazine, which can be read here: THE “HIGH LINES” OF TOKYO: A guide to the city’s hidden railway parks

There is a lot of information that I wasn’t able to fit in the article (for space reasons), so I’m sharing it below:

1) Miyashita Park 宮下公園 (Shibuya skate park, etc.)

Although Miyashita Park is not built on top of old train tracks, I’ve included it because of its central location and comprehensive “programming“, which included a skate park, climbing wall, and footsal court. Built on top of a parking garage just north of Shibuya Station, Miyashita park was a linear and elevated space. You can take a virtual tour of the old park in the linked Google Streetview photo-sphere; or this other photo-sphere, taken at night. As of 2017 the park began a radical redesign that will be completed in…

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