Oume Railway Park and Museum 青梅鉄道公園

The small, hilly, and lovely town of Ōme (Oume, Ome) 青梅市 is about an hour and a half west of central Tokyo. It feels both isolated and connected. Isolated because of the distance and hilly topography. Connected because of the important railway connection to the megalopolis of Tokyo. Before you leave the station you are greeted by vintage movie posters, which you will also see throughout the town (another Audrey Hepburn sighting!).

The Oume Railway Park and Museum 青梅鉄道公園 (map) is a 10 minute walk up a fairly steep road – it’s a pleasant walk but not recommended for everyone.

Here’s how to get to the museum:

1. When leaving Ome station turn left and walk for a minute or two. Look to your left for the first available bridge.

2. Cross the a short bridge of the train tracks. Soon after you will reach a fork in the road – stick to the right.

3. Follow the right fork as the road winds up past a karate studio and tennis courts. As you switchback on the hairpin turns you will enjoy a great view down into the Tama river valley. When you crest the hill the museum is on the right-hand side of the road.

(I visited Oume on a cool and crisp autumn day and had the sense that this would be a great place to grow up.)

When you reach the museum you will see a modest looking 2-story building surrounded by the eight train engines – the trains are open and you can climb into the engine rooms. There are also several miniature train rides for children. On my visit I found the kids to be well behaved and gave a lot of life to the museum.

Inside the museum building are historic railway photos, train models, and maps of the region’s railways, as well as a video train conductor simulator. From the top of the building is an open roof area with nice views east towards Tokyo.

Museum information:

  • Oume Railway Park and Museum 青梅鉄道公園 / Oume Rail Park (map)
  • 〒198-0041 東京都青梅市勝沼3丁目155
  • Tel: 0428-22-4678
  • http://www.ejrcf.or.jp/ome/

Admission: Only 100 yen!

Other things to do in Oume (Ome):

1. See the Ome Tourism website

2. Hiking between temples in the hills surrounding Oume. You can access these trails from the park near the top of the hill on the way to the railway museum.

Temple walking trail in Oume, Tokyo, Japan…

3. Showa Retro Packaging Museum: A little pop history 昭和レトロ商品博物館

4. Ome Township Land Museum 青梅市郷土博物館

  • 1丁目-684 Komakicho, Oume, Tokyo 198-0053
  • Phone: 0428-23-6859
  • city.ome.tokyo.jp
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